Our team is comprised of specialised individuals, all of whom first gained experience in Northern Italy in their specific trades before relocating to the South of France. They have brought their Italian style and skill, making the difference in our finished products.

  • Andrea B.


    Andrea B.
  • Cara S.

    Business Manager/Lawyer

    Cara S.
  • Nathalie F.

    Architect/Interior Designer

    Nathalie F.
  • Liviu D.

    Drywall Specialist/Masonry Assistant

    Liviu D.
  • Neluzzio

  • Ionel L.

    Masonry Specialist/Armed Cement and Structures

    Ionel L.
  • Marble Specialist

    Ahmed C.
  • Blacksmith

    Roberto G.
  • Office Manager

    Liselle B.
  • Engineer/Project Manager

    Konstantin K.
  • Interior Designer/Permit Acquisition

    Lidwine G.
  • On-site Plumber

    Francesco M.
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