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Geotech was first born in Northern Italy in 2000 where it carefully selected its products, through trial and testing. After 10 years, its relationships with Italian suppliers were solidified and maintained as it moved over to the French Riviera and Monaco. We have selected the best Italian products in the construction industry because not only does quality of product allow our work to run smoothly, it guarantees durability and resistance to our finished projects.

Even primal materials such as sand and cement have been carefully selected for the renovation of each individual villa or apartment. Our sand is supplied by a Torinese Mine that collects from the River Po and provides the correct granulometry in relation to application. Our cement has been chosen from one of the largest suppliers in Italy, certified on a European level, that guarantees the technical characteristics we need for each renovation or construction project.

Our selections include the most luxurious marble from Carrara, the strongest tiles and gres from Imola, the most precious wood and cotto from Tuscany and the most recent designs of kitchen and furniture from Veneto.

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